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Some people will think - what ?! they have already written code after this they start planning, that is not right, I have written code not the team and I think the team will have problems to understand my code (it is in German written, ...) SO -->

Today I read something about how important it is to have a good plan for making a bigger project (like a game). So I decided that it is better to have a good plan. First I thought about the date when the first "playable" version of our game will be finished, I decided the 10.05.2012. Take attention this is not the date when the game should be finished there should only be an playable version of it ! Next step was to make a something like a map to have a better plan what is to do and decide about our milestones.

This "something like a map" is also called Design-Document. In this Document there stand everything what the game should be able to do. The next step is to set the milestones, I will make this for our game, if you think that I make a mistake please say it to me, this is very important! After setting the milestones I will say you what is to do, everybody will get a part of the code to work on. I hope that this is a better solution than what we have now (everybody makes something) if this is not ok for somebody please say it to me. Also say something if can't make your part of the work in time I have planned for this.

I will to tell you everythink else a little bit later

23.01.2012 Much Work

Today I started rewritting the TileMap and I noted there is much more work than I thought becouse there is nearly the whole code static in the LightManager class and this is not good. But I am happy to say that we have now a new member virtualpsycho , he will help with programming the game, this means also a lot of work for me becouse 80% of the Code are not in English, I will change that the next few days. If you want to help us, tell it to me !

22.02.2012 Tile Map Editor finished

After two days of work the TileMapEditor is finshed, he is not perfect and has only a few functions but I think he will help us a lot with making the worlds. Next step is to update the part of the game which loads the TileMap and ad a few new Draw methods (DrawShadows,DrawScene,DrawGround). If you want to use the source of the Editor or change it, ask me. I said I will post some pictures, here they are (InGameShadows and the Editor)

21.01.2012 Some News

You should not Download the old Change-Sets becouse they are only here becouse we had some problemes to delet all Files. So you can download every Change-Set that is higher than 16434 (so 16437 is the first one in which you will see something). And I am very happy to say this: kyoka helps me with this project. The newest Version of the Project is called alpha 0.03

20.01.2012 Progress Update

I am sorry that I have not written something here the last (long) time, but I was very busy and forgot to show you the state of the Project. But now I will ->
First I said I make a digramm how I want to programm every thing. Maybe somebody of you has seen it. Then I decided just to start programming it. So first I tried to make dynamic Shadows, this worked very finde after some hours of work, I will describe later how I made it . Then I build a very simple GameStateManagment, this was not much work, becouse it is realy simple. In the future I want to make this better (maybe with loading from XML). While I was doing this a god friend draws the graphics for me, I think he did very good work. Than I put the shadows and the GameStateManager together and that is the state now.

Some technical informations:

TileMap (Loads from Files)
TileSize 100100 but we draw it only 5050 pixel
Dynamic Shadows
Draw only Tiles which are on the Screen (see Camera Class)
09.01.2012 Start of the Project
Documenatation will be added after there are the first steps in the project made.

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