• Build a GUI that loads from a file
• Make the needed Menus and Game Screens
• Make the lights
• Make a map editor (with XNA and lights and enemies and all other objects )
• Load the maps in game
• Create the AI
• Combine AI with the player and the maps
• Release alpha v 0.10

kyoka , virtualpsycho

  • Do all this in the Framework project (version 0.05)
  • kyoka has to tell you what the code should look like (code style !!!)
  • Communicate together (email ...)
  • Rewrite the Player and the Enemy code
  • Make it possible to shot (in the direction of the mouse)
  • Enemies shoud kill the player and the player shoud kill the enemies
  • Make it easy to draw the enemy and the player from the Lightmanager (see version 0.04)

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